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This site is in a beta stage. I'm not sure how useful or successful it will be but I think it's interesting enough to play with. Please register in the upper right so that you can share with us. This website was created with iClanWebsites so if you get e-mails from them, that is why.

Welcome to the MacBlane clan website!

This website was set up mainly as a means for the MacBlane clan to communicate with eachother in a better medium than that horrible typo ridden land that is the clan chat. However, as I explored how this website and how it can be edited, the possibilities are quite endless. I found myself having visions of what a cool place this could become and what kinds of content would be shared here, but this can only happen if you contribute and use it. I think the purpose might/could evolve beyond just Clash of Clans but for the immediate future, the focus of this site will be a hub for the "MacBlane clan". Hopefully in the end this site will be a community to find fellow gamers to play with, share knowledge and experiences, and be a place to click around when you're bored.

For Clash of Clans:
You can post pictures/screen shots of your clan base or interesting finds in the "base discussion" tab. Post attack stradegies and other useful information that may be worth sharing in the "other CoC discussions" tab.

Ideas for Other Purposes:
Some of us play Minecraft and League of Legends. I think this website would be a good place for us to communicate about when we can play together, share pictures/stories with eachother, or set up tournaments. If you're playing a game or doing something that you think is fun please create a tab in the "general discussions" tab and talk about whatever you want that you'd like to share with your fellow clashers and others.

Final Comments:
I'm finding myself overwhelmed with all of the possibilities that come with this simple web design tool and I'm sure I'm missing something useful. Please leave comments in the "Suggestions" tab for things you would like this site to do. If there is a topic you'd like to talk about or share then please ask me to create a forum space for it. If the website is confusing to navigate then let me know and include a suggestion of how it could be improved. The "General Discussions" tab can be used in the meantime for random posts.
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Base Layout Section
Post ideas, pictures, comments about base layouts
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General Discussion
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