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Very Good TH 7 Resource Protection
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12th Jan 2015

Hey guys, ... ion-TH7-Farming-Base

In this link is a very thorough description of how to set up your TH 7 base for what you need.

I remeber being at this point in the game being very frustrating because big purchases started here.  I get attacked and I now have a shield and I'm half way to upgrading that wizzard tower.  I can either wait 12 hours and get around 100k gold then forget to check my base and right at hour 12 someone would attack and clear out my collectors and take a bunch from my storage. Or from that 12 hour shield, I can sacrifice it and attack, get 100k gold, but then someone will attack me and take 150k gold.  It felt like a complete stand still that I couldn't get through.

Staying in mid-high silver will allow higher bases to attack you; I sat in high silver during TH 8 and would pray on these bases (I guess you could call it revenge).  I wouldn't use many troops and would be very profitable.  Many don't organize their base to make it hard for me to take their money.  Low silver should be a nice place to stay so that the farm is still good and you're not getting 100%ed.

DO NOT get frustrated and put all 4/5(DE) of your storages in the middle; goblins + heal spell = you have all of your money stolen.  This link shows how you can separate your base so that they have to choose between 1 or 2 of your storages.  You will still lose money but it's much less than all of it.

Keep attacking!  the best/fastest way to get money is to steal it from others and hope that enemies can't steal as much from you or hope that someone will use ten archers to kill your TH outside your base and then surrender, giving you a free shield.  Keep hitting that search button; you may have to hit it up to 50 times to find a good base.  50 times = 19k gold, but when you find that base that has 200k gold it is well worth it.

Final Note:  Don't upgrade your TH until everything else has been upgraded.  Once you upgrade your TH, finding a match costs more money.  You also can loot less from attackers.  Finding money will just get harder after you upgrade your TH.
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