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Golem as Clan Castle Defender during Clan War
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Joined: 13th Jan 2015
Rank: Co-Leader
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17th Jan 2015

I am wondering if a golem inside the CC at clan war is a crazy but good idea... Hit points of a golem are 4500 at level 1, that is more than a TH8 (3700) has. The beast is slow, so luring him out takes lot of precious attack time. Once dragons approach the golem, they start to attack him - and this takes again lot of time (think of how long it takes to destroy TH). During that time maybe the air defenses can fire on the dragons. And, after defeating the golem? There appear two golemites with 900 HP each (=1800 HP ) and the dragons have to keep fighting them down - even more time lost.

Any other units in CC are nearly useless when dragons attack. Unfortunately, my CC has only 25 spaces but 30 are required.

What do you think?
Last Edit: 17th Jan 2015 by rochus (IGN: finja)
Joined: 12th Jan 2015
Rank: Co-Leader
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18th Jan 2015

I like this idea
Joined: 7th Jan 2015
Rank: Leader
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19th Jan 2015

Since golems can only attack ground units, dragons would not lure out the golem.  You would need ground units to bring him out; most likely this would be the barb king.  I'm not sure that the golem would be able to draw dragon aggro because of this.

I think dragons would just ignore the golem.
Joined: 13th Jan 2015
Rank: Co-Leader
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19th Jan 2015

but dragons also attack BK... and that slowes them down while attacking. Anyway, the luring out could be a problem.
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