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13th Jan 2015

Hello first time war clashers,

The rules for war are a bit different from the rules for......non-war.  First things first.

How the Draft Works:
Once a clan reaches ten members they're allowed to go to war.  If you grow beyond ten members then the draft is rounded to the nearest five members.  EX: clan has 27 members then 25 will be drafted.  In this example the two members with the smallest trophy count are excluded from the war.

How Long Wars Last and What To Do:
  • Wars last 48 hours and have two stages.  Once a member starts a war, Supercell (the creators of CoC) uses a matching system to find another clan of similar strength.  This stage takes only a few moments.
  • Once the system finds another clan the first 24 hour stage starts and is called the preparation stage.  During this first day you can change your base set-up, fill clan castles with troops, and scout the enemy.  Stars determine the victor of wars so you want to set up your base to protect your Town Hall.  A recent update allows you to have three different war bases and you may set any one of them to be active at any time.  Once the preparation day is over, your active war set-up will be used and you cannot change your war base until the next war. 
  • The final 24 hour stage is the war day.  This is when the two clans fight eachother.  You are on a team with your fellow clan mates to earn more stars than the other clan.  Each enemy will give bonus loot if our clan wins the war and you got at least one star.  It's more important to get stars for your team than to attack for loot because if you lose war then you won't get as much loot.  The game will suggest for you which clasher to attack in the enemy clan

Misc. Things to Know:
  • The loot in your war base (in the collectors and storages) is not the loot from your normal base.  A war oponent cannot steal the loot in your normal base.
  • The troops in your clan castle on your normal base can be used for attacking.  There is a separate clan castle on the war screen that should be filled on preparation day for defending.
  • Your rank on the war path is based on how much gold/elixir you have invested into your base and is an indication of difficulty.
  • You can scout the enemy for free and for as long as you want.  You can even click on things like the clan castle and air defence to determine when those enemy troops or towers will come out to attack you.
  • You don't lose your shield when you attack in the war.
  • You don't have to pay for re-arming traps so put them where people will step on them!
  • Your bonus loot will be found in your clan castle after the war is over and won.  If we lost the war you get a small bonus as a sort of band-aid.
  • When you're upgrading a building that won't finish before war preparation is over then it will be active for the level that you started upgrading it; there are no inactive buildings on a war base.

If you have any questions or comments about clan war, reply directly to this thread.  Find even more information by clicking  Here.
Last Edit: 13th Jan 2015 by Bear
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