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Awards and Points System
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Joined: 7th Jan 2015
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13th Jan 2015

Hey guys,

I just wanted to clarify how to earn rewards and set up a solid rule base for obtaining points.  Also, I have to manually add points and hand out awards because this is the free version so if we (for some reason) get a lot of traffic I won't be able to keep up and you can just send me a PM requesting the points or awards that you have earned.  A list of awards can be found in the top menu labeled "awards."

Action                                                                                                                           Points Awarded
Create a useful topic or thread in one of the forums                                                                  5
Reply with a piece of useful information                                                                                    1
Reply with a piece of useful information with a picture                                                              2
Reply with a piece of useful information with a video                                                                3

This is a preliminary list of actions and point values.  This is subject to change without notice.  Please reply dirrectly to this thread for advice/comments etc. related to the awards/points system.
Forum » Forums » Actual News and Announcements
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