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Why would you donate? and about this website.
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13th Jan 2015

Hey guys,

You might notice the "donate" section up top in the menu.  So you might look at it, laugh, and think to yourself why would I EVER donate?  I would join you in doing this.  If you're thinking about donating, think about buying green gems or something more useful first.

The donate tab is a standard setup and I decided to leave it there.  Let me give a little background.  I googled "free clan website" and found a few places that host domain names. was the one I decided to go with.  They have special things you can unlock that make your website cooler or do things automatically to organize better for when a lot of members register.  I don't really see the need for any of that stuff as they give a good amount of freedom with the free version.  If I'm realistically optimistic, the most this website will ever amount to is 20 members out of the 25 in our clan and will serve as a convinient way to refer eachother to links we found on the internet.

If I'm unrealistically optimistic, this website will grow, for whatever reason, to hundreds of members who are bonding over several games other than clash of clans and everyone has different needs and I will have to invest much more time and effort into this and I might start to want the premium version.  This amounts to $6-15/mo. depending on the plan desired.  So that's why it's there.

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Forum » Forums » Actual News and Announcements
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